People We Serve

Rogers’ Story

Rogers Glennon has been participating in HELP Foundation’s events and weekly support meetings since HELP started operating in Marin County in the fall of 2013.  Soon after meeting Rogers, we discovered that he was a tremendously talented artist, with an impressive portfolio of original drawings and paintings...

DJ's Story

DJ has encountered Jackson and HELP Foundation through his involvement with Marin Sheriff Department’s STAR (Support & Treatment After Release) Program.  In spite of his difficult past and current adversities, DJ is one of the most talented and prolific artists that HELP Foundation has had the privilege of working with...


Daniel's Story

"Thanks Jackson and HELP foundation!  I couldn't have gotten the Animal Care Technician Position without your help (my dream job).  It's always great working with you.  You are a huge help! Thank you!"

Guy's Statement

"I have been struggling with alcohol and other issues for many years, and needed a new way of life.  I am thankful to have met Jackson, who is helping me work on the five pillars of wellbeing and I'm finally starting to see this new way of life taking shape.  For the first time in years, I'm felling hopeful about my future...

Ian's Statement

"The help foundation has played a major role in the rehabilitation of my life, with a dysfunctional upbringing, broken home and system involvement, i had thought that all hope was lost, but right when i was ready to give up I found help, now i have a job, am looking for a second, and am piece by piece restructuring my life to ensure a happy healthy, positive productive lifestyle. Thank you HELP Foundation!

Kevin's Statement

“Jackson has helped me more than anybody has ever helped me in my entire life.  He has been like a father to me.  He has taught me skills that will allow me to live an independent life, and he has introduced me to a welcoming community of friends.  He has been a calming influence when I’m about to have panic attacks.  Jackson in many ways has saved my life.”