Guy's Story

"I have been struggling with alcohol and other issues for many years, and needed a new way of life.  I am thankful to have met Jackson, who is helping me work on the five pillars of wellbeing and I'm finally starting to see this new way of life taking shape.  For the first time in years, I'm felling hopeful about my future.



HELP Foundation gave me a new way of looking at life.  It opened up a whole new world of experiences.  Going out and doing new things without drinking (bowling, movies, shows), it opens up an exciting, fun world, full of new experiences.  I also needed to find  friends and people to hang out with who were not into drinking, and I did find them through HELP Foundation.  I enjoy their company and the connections I made in the local community.  I met Bob, a HELP Foundation volunteer, who has been acting as my mentor and taking me to support groups.


I like going to shows, bowling, attending the coffee club.  I enjoy these events a lot, it's so much better without the alcohol.  I actually am having fun.  The longer I go without drinking, the more this new world opens up.  Now I see that comparing to these new things I've been doing through HELP Foundation, drinking is actually pretty boring."




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