Daniel's Story

Daniel started out at the Marin Humane Society a few years ago as a volunteer in the Animal Care department, cleaning cat cages.  He was a quick learner and a natural with animals.  Pretty soon, he started coming in more and more often and learning and doing as much as he could.  Our staff loved having him as a volunteer, as he always did a fantastic job with any assigned work and was so good with the animals. 


While working with Jackson & HELP Foundation, Daniel was able to identify and improve his professional and personal skills that allowed him achieve his goal of being a staff member at the Marin Humane Society.


When an on-call position opened up, Daniel was offered the job.  He proved himself well as a paid employee and quickly moved up to being hired for part-time hours, and ultimately hired as a full-time Animal Care Technician.  Throughout his time at MHS, he has made huge strides in his communication skills and confidence, and really impressed everyone who works with him daily.  Daniel is a valued member of our team!


Chelsea Miller

Animal Care Supervisor

Marin Humane Society




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